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Parallel Profits is a brand new program set to be launched early next year by its founder and co-founder Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. The two online marketing gurus have had a great run in their field and have seen much success with programs such as the 7 Figure Cycle and the 100k Factory, gaining much-deserved trust and respect in the marketing industry. Having made over 15 million dollars in affiliate commissions, Parallel Profits seems to be the biggest launch to date with massive pay for JV and all its affiliate partners.

So what exactly is Parallel Profits?

Well to put you, the reader, into proper perspective, consider a regular franchise seeking to sell its services to local businesses. The simple business model employed is looking for people to market their franchise to these local businesses who generate a commission from every sell of service. However, Three things give Parallel Profits an edge among other similar business models. Geniously crafted by Aidan Booth, these three things are.

1. Invited Trainees Immediately Become Part of the Franchise

Any individual selected for training instantly joins the franchise. This means that anyone invited for training does not require to start from scratch. This is very advantageous since that the trainee will not have to create his own brand, website or domain name or have to fret over copywriting or publishing fresh marketing material.

Trainees will have everything set up for them so they can establish their marketing territories and get to work as soon as possible.

2. Ready Workforce Once Client is Secured

Once a client is completely secured, the marketer is not liable to handle any of the services advertised or even outsource the same services. A team of trained experts will move swiftly to provide the said services, leaving you free to look for other local businesses to sell these services to. This also means that no expertise or experience is required for this task.

3. No Face-to-Face Customer Interaction Required

Thanks to innovative built-in lead gen systems and other processes, working with Parallel Profits won’t require you to have any actual physical interaction with prospective customers. The special client capture system will eliminate the need for actual interaction or even selling of the products. This is also an added bonus for working with Parallel Profits.

These three factors, or “twists” as Adian Booth likes to call them, remove key obstacles that would otherwise hinder the progress of a growing business. Consequently, this makes the business model highly adaptable and scalable and greatly improves the chances of success.

And what’s in it for the prospective trainee one might ask?

Well, what Parallel Profits offers is a way to generate a full time living at home, without even leaving your room. Though not much is known about Parallel Profits as of yet, it certainly capable of delivering this high promise from it’s efficient, productive and innovative business model and its founders’ track record.

With the pre-launch set for January 25, Adian Booth and Steve Clayton have put up pretty enticing incentives for prospective participants. These include a 20,000 dollar cash prize for the first place, a 5,000 dollar prize for the second place and a 2,000 dollar prize for the third place participant.

Apart from these, there are thousands of dollars worth of cash prizes for the other top 10 participants and other surprise rewards during the launch week and a standard 2 dollars per every lead.

The program will also full training for the business model, with no previous experience or necessary skill required. Prospective participants may choose to go it alone or in groups as long as the sole purpose is achieved. Interested individuals are advised to sign up for the notification list to receive updates on the program launch.

Aidan Booth is an internet marketer and a blogger, who shares crucial insights into the world of internet marketing and tips for online marketers. Together with Steve Clayton, they have launched a number of successful marketing programs and have reaped millions in affiliate commissions from the said programs.

Jointly, they work hand-in-hand to offer opportunities to people who would like to make an honest and decent living through online marketing. Parallel Profits will be their next foray into the online marketing industry. As its launch approaches, Parallel Profits hopes to be a game changer in the business world and a source of income for many individuals online.

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